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Garlic (in English: Garlic) is a very common herbal plant, the scientific name for it is (Allium sativum), and it belongs to the family of onions, leeks, and green onions. It should be white, or purple, and it is somewhat solid. Garlic has a pungent taste and strong odor, and it gives a distinct flavor to food. Garlic often requires low temperatures to grow, but there are many studies that have concluded that garlic that is found in tropical areas grows better than other types, and in fact garlic grows better in temperate and not very hot, or very low areas.[1]

garlic benefits for skin

There are many benefits of garlic for the skin, including:[1]

  • Reducing acne arising due to the accumulation of toxins that lead to clogged pores; Garlic has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, as it is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Reducing the symptoms of psoriasis, an autoimmune skin disease, where the person affected by several symptoms appears, such as redness, itching and scaling of the scalp, elbows, and knees, so consuming garlic reduces its impact because it is a powerful anti-inflammatory.
  • Protect skin from UV damage, delay aging; It contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and maintains normal skin cells.
  • Reducing stretch marks, and cracks that one can suffer.
  • Treating eczema caused by some infections; Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties.

Natural recipes using garlic for the skin

First recipe

Garlic is one of the natural treatments for acne; Because of its antibacterial properties, it can be used as a topical treatment. And the way is:[2]

  • the ingredients:
  • How to prepare:
  • Two to three cloves of garlic.
  • amount of water, or aloe vera gel.
  • piece of cotton
  • Crush garlic cloves, then mix with water for 10 minutes.
  • Dip a piece of cotton in the mixture, then apply it to the spots.

Note: It is recommended to eat between one to two cloves of garlic per day.

second recipe

Garlic contains anti-aging properties, and helps improve the appearance of the skin, in addition to reducing inflammation, and this recipe is used to get rid of stretch marks in the skin, and cracks. And the way is:[3]

  • the ingredients:
  • How to prepare:
  • A few cloves of garlic.
  • bandages.
  • Crush garlic well, then apply to skin tags and cracks.
  • Cover the area with bandages for the whole night.
  • Wash in the early morning.
  • Repeat this recipe until the skin tags and cracks are reduced and disappear.

Benefits of garlic for the body

There are many benefits of garlic for the body, including:

  • Prevention of food poisoning: Garlic contains strong antibacterial properties, as some studies have found that garlic helps kill bacteria such as salmonella, in addition to helping the body’s immune system fight disease and infection.[4]
  • Reducing blood pressure: Garlic reduces blood pressure in two ways: by blocking the activity of a substance called angiotensin II, which makes blood vessels constrict, or in another way and inversely as it releases hydrogen sulfide (in English: hydrogen sulfide), which expands Blood vessels.[4]
  • Athlete’s Foot Treatment: Garlic has anti-fungal properties, as it helps treat athlete’s foot by placing garlic directly on the affected area, or by soaking the foot in garlic water to kill the fungal infection that causes it.[4]
  • Heart protection: where garlic helps protect the heart from diseases, it maintains the ability of the arteries to expand with age, and protects against arteriosclerosis as it helps stop the formation of blood clots in blood vessels, and prevents blood clotting.[1][4]
  • Anti-inflammatory: It gets rid of infections, ulcers, and acne, and can be used to treat psoriasis, soothe toothaches, and boost the immune system.[4]
  • A good treatment for allergies: garlic has anti-inflammatory properties, which make it a good treatment for allergies, and also make it effective in bronchitis, as it is used directly on insect bites and stings.[4]
  • Natural insect repellent: Garlic can be used as a natural insect repellent, as it contains some chemicals that repel insects, especially since mosquitoes hate garlic, according to an Indian study.[4]
  • Reducing respiratory problems: Garlic helps relieve respiratory problems, such as asthma, and its antibacterial properties make it a good treatment for colds.
  • Cancer prevention: It protects the body from different types of cancer if consumed on a regular basis.[4]
  • Improves bone health: Garlic helps improve bone health that is affected by age and unhealthy lifestyles, so it is highly effective against osteoporosis and arthritis, as it prevents bone damage.[1]
  • Relieves stomach pain: Eating garlic relieves intestinal infections, and limits stomach diseases, so it is preferable to eat one clove of garlic before breakfast with one glass of water; To prevent stomach infections.[1]
  • Regulating blood sugar: where garlic helps regulate blood sugar, thus preventing diabetes, blood pressure, and also prevents obesity, and it is important to include garlic in the diet of those who suffer from diabetes, and significantly reduces blood glucose levels. It is preferable to take three to four cloves of garlic; To lower blood sugar levels.[1]

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garlic benefits for skin

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