Drinking water has many benefits for the body, skin and hair; Where a person needs two liters of water per day, which is not a fixed amount; Some bodies may need a less or more amount that varies according to the effort a person makes; As sports players lose a lot of sweat, which increases their need for water, and to obtain the benefits of water, it must be drunk when the body is in the correct position, which is the sitting position; Because drinking it while standing brings many damages and diseases to the body.[1]

Disadvantages of drinking water when standing

Our Holy Prophet forbade drinking water when we are standing, and it has been proven in modern medicine that this is better and safer for human health in several respects; When a person drinks water while standing, the stomach is surprised by the water descending into it, and the walls of the stomach collide with water by falling forcefully on it. standing, the nervous and muscular systems are in tension; Because they are trying to control the balance of the body, and this works on a severe reflex of the nerves, which leads to fainting or sudden death; That is why doctors always warn against drinking water immediately after exercising because of its risks to human health; It leads to heart failure due to pressure in the lungs.[2]

Benefits of drinking water while sitting

Water must be drunk when a person is sitting and his nerves are relaxed, while taking a breath during drinking, and breathing, of course, outside the drinking bowl, and then continue drinking until quenching; Air, water and food also all pass through the pharynx, so if a person mutes himself for a long time while drinking, this leads to the accumulation of air inside the lungs, causing them to swell and thus inflate the lungs while continuing this process, which is one of the most dangerous diseases that may affect humans, and we point out that the descent of water To the stomach while a person is sitting, it is closer and smoother than drinking it while standing. Another benefit of drinking water sitting and in batches is that it does not cause problems for the liver, which weakens when water flows into it strongly; Rather, it flows in the body easily, and the liver can receive water without tiring its muscles, but when the water is drunk while the person is standing, this leads to the liver not bearing the amount of water rushing towards it and time after time the person may develop cirrhosis of the liver.[3]

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Benefits of drinking water sitting down

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