Myrrh or myrrh is a substance that results from a homogeneous mixture of a resinous substance and volatile oil, and it is produced from the stems of plants where it is secreted from the stems of the elderberry, then it is extracted by cutting the stem of the tree where the juice begins to come out and is collected, and the myrrh must be transparent and clean with a color that tends to color the Red; In order for its type to be good for use, but if it contains black or is dark in color and contains impurities, it is not used, so it must be extracted from trees far from car exhaust and polluted places. People cannot eat it despite its many benefits, and bitter is in the form of granules such as mastic or male gum, and bitter contains antibiotics that help kill bacteria and treat many diseases and infections, and it can also be used to treat and disinfect wounds and ulcers, and one of the ways to use bitter is soaking a piece of it in A cup of boiling water for several minutes and then drink it in the morning on an empty stomach before eating breakfast, as it provides the body with many benefits that we will mention in this article.[1]

Benefits of drinking bitter infusion on an empty stomach

Benefits of drinking myrrh soaked on an empty stomach:[2]

  • The infusion of myrrh treats colds, cold symptoms, and influenza, and is also useful in treating tonsillitis.
  • It relieves dental pain that can result in tooth sensitivity, cavities, or nerve inflammation.
  • It treats bronchitis, helps get rid of a dry cough, and treats shortness of breath.
  • It treats and relieves the pain associated with the menstrual cycle, which is caused by cramps.
  • Treats gastritis and intestinal disorders.
  • It helps to get rid of the problem of strong sweat odor.
  • Treats cases of irregular or amenorrhea.
  • Treats gum disease and infections, which helps reduce bad breath.

Other uses for myrrh

Some of the uses of myrrh are:

  • Myrrh is used as a solution for gargling by adding a tablespoon of myrrh powder, with a teaspoon of boric acid, mixing them with two liters of boiling water, then leaving to soak for half an hour, filtering and placing in an airtight container, and used for gargling three times a day.
  • Myrrh is used to prepare myrrh oil by immersing five hundred grams of myrrh in sunflower oil or almond oil in an airtight container and placing the oil in the sun for a third of an hour.[3]

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Benefits of drinking bitter on an empty stomach

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