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Saturday October 17, 2020

Benefits of dates for pregnant women – Contents site

The benefits of dates for the pregnant woman are one of the things that women look for most at the beginning of pregnancy, as women are keen to eat useful and nutritious foods for them and the fetus, and dates are fruits that have been associated since ancient times with the extent of their great benefits for the pregnant woman. Dates were mentioned in the Holy Quran, which is one of the most useful foods for women. Pregnant women, and in this article we will learn the importance of eating pregnant women and whether it is safe or not.


Dates are one of the fruits produced from the palm tree, and it is considered one of the most sweet fruits known for their nutritional value, especially for pregnant women, and dates are considered one of the main foods on every table in the Middle East for millions of years, especially throughout the period of the blessed month of Ramadan, and the date fruit is distinguished by its delicious and distinctive taste That is why it has become used in many foods such as juices, baked goods such as cakes, in addition to being used during cooking with the name of date molasses.

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Benefits of dates for pregnant women

Now we will learn about the benefits of dates for the pregnant woman, which helps protect her and her fetus from diseases that usually affect women during pregnancy, and among the most prominent of those benefits are the following:[1]

  • Energy improvement: Dates are fruits from which humans derive a lot of energy.
  • Contribution to fetal development: Dates contain many beneficial nutrients for a pregnant woman, especially magnesium, which helps in the proper growth of the fetus, and helps pregnant women to strengthen immunity during that period.
  • An alternative to artificial sugar and sweets: Dates are known to contain natural sugar, but many studies have proven the risk of excessive intake.
  • Helps treat pregnancy sensitivity: Usually during pregnancy, women suffer from allergies, and in that case, pregnant women are advised to eat dates as they contain the natural sulfur component known to reduce seasonal allergies.
  • Improve anemiaAnemia occurs for pregnant women, especially women suffering from anemia or iron deficiency, which is one of the main causes of exposure to anemia, and by eating a date fruit daily, the body’s need for iron will be compensated.
  • constipation treatmentPregnant women suffer from constipation during pregnancy, which is why doctors recommend eating a good amount of dates because they contain natural fibers that help improve the digestion of food.
  • Protect the nervous systemThe vitamins found in dates help protect the health of the nervous system of the woman and her fetus, in addition to its benefits in protecting mental activity.
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The nutritional value of dates

After we learned about the benefits of dates for a pregnant woman, you must know its nutritional value and what are the elements it contains through this table:

Nutritional valuethe value
Calories277 calories
water21.32 grams
protein1.81 grams
Fats0.15 g
Carbohydrates74.97 grams
Dietary fiber6.0 grams
Zinc0.44 milligram
Sodium1 milligram
Potassium696 milligrams
Phosphorous62 milligrams

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Damage to dates for pregnant women

As we learned about the benefits of dates for a pregnant woman, we will also learn about the harms of excessive consumption and the harmful side effects of eating dates during pregnancy as follows:[2]

  • High sugar content in dates: When you eat too much dates, whether they are eaten soft or dry, the natural sugar level in the body will increase.
  • Women gain weight: Thanks to the fact that dates contain natural sugar, which plays a role in increasing the weight of mothers, and thus they become more susceptible to diabetes.

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How does a pregnant woman eat dates

Many women wonder about the way to eat dates during pregnancy, which we will learn about through the following:[3]

  • SmoothieDates can be eaten with a little yogurt in a wonderful smoothie mixture.
  • Date parfaitBy mixing an amount of your favorite dates and fruits.
  • Date juiceDates can be mixed in an electric mixer and put on toast.
  • Seasoning the saladDates can be eaten by putting them on the salad.
  • CandyDessert can be prepared with a date filling.
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Thus, we have reached the end of our article after we got to know the benefits of dates for a pregnant woman by mentioning the nutritional value of dates, in addition to identifying the harms of eating dates for a pregnant woman.


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