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Hair cutting is a method of hair care, as it is exposed to many external environmental factors that affect its health and strength, in addition to the use of chemicals and hair dryers, and exposing it to very high temperatures, which leads to its bombing and weakness, so it is resorted to cutting split hair to improve the appearance of the hair. Hair, which cannot be treated through masks and mixtures that are not always effective in improving its health.[1]

Benefits of cutting split hair

Cutting frizzy hair has many benefits, including:[2]

  • It rids the hair of split ends, and increases its density. Split hair reduces hair growth and makes its appearance ugly. By cutting split hair, the hair will increase in thickness and strength, making the hair look thicker and healthier.
  • Bombardment of brittle hair helps protect hair from breakage, and it is preferable to cut hair periodically, approximately once every three weeks, to allow hair to grow in a healthy and fast way, in addition to that, it is advisable to stay away from cutting hair in a layered manner because it increases the bombing and breakage of hair.
  • It facilitates the hair styling process and gets rid of its tangles. Cutting frizzy hair reduces hair tangles and frizz, so it is preferable to cut thick and brittle hair periodically in order to facilitate styling on a daily basis.
  • It gives the hair a healthy and attractive appearance, but most girls neglect cutting split hair in order to maintain the length of the hair without paying attention to whether the appearance of the hair is healthy or unhealthy, although beautiful hair is not measured by its length, but by its health and attractiveness. At least every three weeks, which helps to avoid damage and brittleness and increases its beauty and density, and cutting 1 cm will not lead to a noticeable change in the length of the hair, but it will lead to a change in the health and attractiveness of the hair.
  • It highlights the beautiful facial details and increases the attractiveness of the female, but it is necessary to choose a haircut that highlights the beautiful facial details, and that suits the shape of the face.
  • Neglecting to cut split hair leads to the effect of split ends and split ends in the hair upwards, making the hair brittle and weak. When the ends of the hair begin to split, they must be disposed of immediately.

Tips when cutting hair

Follow these tips when cutting hair:[3]

  • Hair should be cut when it is dry; It is not recommended to cut wet hair, and not to use shampoo or wash it before cutting.
  • Ladies with an oval face are advised to avoid short bangs; Because it will make the face look fuller.
  • A rectangular face is suitable for short and medium length hair styles; Because the length of the hair will increase the elongation of the face.

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Benefits of cutting split hair

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