corn oil

It is the oil that is extracted from the corn plant, and it has been known since ancient times. Corn oil is an important and essential ingredient in the manufacture of margarine and some foods, because it contains omega-3 and omega-6 fats and has several uses. Corn oil is essential in cooking and is used in the manufacture of soap, ointments, agricultural medicines, and other materials Medical also uses corn oil for hair care because it contains 54% of omega 6 and 28% of omega 9 that helps maintain moisture in the hair and also works to nourish the scalp and works to strengthen hair and corn oil contains sugars and corn is a source of several vitamins, thiamine and corn It is rich in fiber and also contains a large amount of water.[1]

Corn oil benefits for hair

Among these benefits:[2]

  • Corn oil contains essential vitamins that nourish hair.
  • Corn oil maintains hair follicles.
  • Corn oil also helps in hair growth.
  • It treats dry hair and gives it shine.
  • It works on the smoothness of the hair.
  • Helps get rid of annoying dandruff.
  • It works to give the hair the necessary moisture.
  • It works to give dry hair its natural color.
  • It treats dry hair problems, as it helps ease of combing and styling.
  • It contains antioxidants that are very beneficial for hair.
  • It treats frizzy hair.
  • It works on the ease of straightening coarse curly hair and gives it the necessary moisture and the desired shine.

Useful recipes for hair with corn oil

To take advantage of corn oil, you must follow these steps:[3]

  • We put a cup of corn oil on the fire until it becomes warm, then we massage the scalp with the tips of the fingers, then we wrap the head with a towel wet with hot water for ten minutes, then we wash it with a shampoo made of olive oil extract. This recipe is to get rid of coarse hair and get soft hair Lovely.
  • We soak a quantity of sesame in corn oil for two hours, then we extract the gel from the natural aloe vera plant and mix it with sesame and corn oil using the electric mixer and we massage the scalp and distribute it on the hair and put a plastic cover for the hair for three hours. This mixture makes it easy to straighten curly hair.
  • We put equal amounts of coconut oil, corn oil, castor oil, sesame oil, an equal amount of butter, three tablespoons of mayonnaise, an egg yolk and a quarter cup of watercress juice, where we put the same amount in a blender with the addition of butter, one egg yolk, mayonnaise and watercress juice, and then mix them well with an electric mixer Then we put the mixture on the hair completely for two hours. This recipe works to get soft and shiny hair.

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Corn oil benefits for hair

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