black vinegar

Black vinegar is a type of vinegar prepared in China for centuries. It is distinguished by its dark black color and smoky taste. There are two types of vinegar in which the ingredients differ; The first is prepared from glutinous rice or corn or a mixture of the two, and its origin is east Asia, specifically from southern China.

As for the second type, it is completely different from the type we mentioned, as it is prepared from corn, barley, and bran and is characterized by a stronger taste and is well-known in the central plains of China.

Black vinegar is mainly used as a kind of dip and eaten with bread, but it is used to season many Asian foods, in addition to that, there are many health benefits of black vinegar that we will mention to you throughout this article.

Black vinegar benefits

  • A general tonic for the body: Health experts say that the amino acids and nutrients in black vinegar help counter the effects of lactic buildup in the blood, which causes fatigue, irritability, and sore muscles in the body, and also works to remove toxins in the body, balance acidity levels, and enhance The process of digestion because it contains high levels of citric acid, which is necessary for the metabolism process to convert food into energy. In addition, black vinegar helps relieve constipation, and opens the sinus passages.
  • Good for the health of the heart and blood vessels: The amino acids present in vinegar positively affect the health of the heart and blood vessels, as they prevent the accumulation of deposits on the walls of blood vessels, enhance blood flow in the body and improve blood circulation, and some experts believe that high black vinegar can treat high blood pressure. blood pressure.
  • Lotion for topical treatment: black vinegar cleanses wounds, insect bites and athlete’s foot, helps heal bone fractures, and relieves joint sprain pain by wiping it directly over the affected area, and it was mentioned that it was used in ancient times as a food preservative in China.
  • Fights cancer: black vinegar contains high levels of antioxidants, which help reduce the incidence of cancer, and also help to combat the growth of cancer cells and reduce the activity of free radicals and cells harmful to the human body.
  • Reducing excess weight: Studies have confirmed that drinking a little black vinegar daily leads to losing excess weight; It helps burn fat more efficiently, and doctors recommend eating it as a dressing for salads or having it as a dip for breakfast with whole wheat bread.
  • Promotes the general health of the body: The amino acids in black vinegar are very important for human health; Because it helps the body in most of its vital processes, from repairing muscle tissue to nail growth.

Black vinegar benefits

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