good work

Good work is considered one of the most important matters of faith, which indicates the sincerity of a Muslim’s love for his Creator and his love for his Islamic religion. It is the path to paradise. There are many verses in the Holy Qur’an that indicate the importance of righteous work. The Almighty said: Glory be to Him: (Blessed is He in whose hand is the kingdom, and He is Able to do all things, who created death and life to test which of you is best in deed), and righteous deeds must be right and sincere for the sake of God Almighty, far from the love of fame and hypocrisy.

The deeds vary in their degrees and ranks with God Almighty, so it is necessary to start with the acts of worship and obligatory duties, and then provide assistance to others such as giving charity, preserving the honor of others, and finally removing harm from the road, all of which are beneficial things that accrue to the individual and society.

Benefits of doing good work for the individual

  • The elevation of the individual’s spirit and making him self-confident and daring in all his steps, for God Almighty made him among many individuals with a charitable personality.
  • Earning reward from God Almighty, and making these deeds as a means of saving good deeds for the Hereafter and entering Paradise through them.
  • Loving others, enjoying the spirit of cooperation and humility, and dealing with them in the spirit of brotherhood and one body.
  • It strengthens the servant’s relationship with his Lord.

Benefits of doing good deeds to society

  • The formation of a cohesive and interconnected society that carries all the meanings of brotherhood and friendship, so society gets rid of all forms of hatred and jealousy of each other, especially since hatred and jealousy are one of the most important causes of destruction for societies.
  • The material recovery of society and making it a rich society, when the rich offer money to the poor as one of the good deeds, the result is that the poor invest that money in small projects, or a modest work, which helps him financially and makes him able to meet his needs and the needs of his family members, and with time a new person is formed who leads in good works, as well as It was done with him before.
  • Self-sufficiency and the absence of the need for any external assistance from other societies, especially non-Muslim societies whose goal is not good work, but rather to establish its feet in that society to interfere with its politics and ways of life in the future, and this is what Western countries aspire to when they provide assistance to Arab countries.
  • Building an Islamic civilization with a wonderful architectural structure, and a clean environment free of dirt and waste. If every Muslim individual had removed the harm from the road and helped build, the civilization would have been completed and become greater than other civilizations.
  • Building a purely Islamic society that bears all Islamic characteristics and applies them to the satisfaction of God Almighty, so that the Islamic nation flourishes and returns as it was before, strong and prosperous.
  • The emergence of a generation that enjoys high morals, strong and educated, so that children are brought up to love others and provide them with assistance.

Benefits of doing good

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