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Wednesday March 4, 2020

Beirut Medical College … 150 years of success

It provides advanced and comprehensive medical education with innovative methods

Talking about the Faculty of Medicine at the “American University” and its achievements and developments since its foundation in 1867 cannot be summarized by an article. This college, which today occupies the first place in the world of medicine and research in the Arab world and ranked 250 among the countries of the world based on the QS Ranking, was able to precede Its time is through a futuristic vision developed by the curators, led by Dr. Mohamed Sayegh, Executive Vice President of Medicine and International Strategy and Dean of the College of Medicine at the American University, who launched in 2010 “Vision (2020)”, which is an ambitious plan that contributed to the transfer of the college and the medical center To the front and put them in the center The first at the district level.

See 2025

Today, with the 150th anniversary of its founding (recently celebrated), the American University’s College of Medicine is still competing with its era through valuable achievements that it is working on between today and tomorrow that have been empowered by international universities such as Harvard and Hopkins, among others. The university has developed a new vision for it since July (July) 2017, titled “Vision 2025”, and it is not only concerned with improving the fields of education, medicine and nursing, but also affects the human aspect.

“It is a plan that we finally began to realize, so that we anticipate treatment before the patient falls into the disease, and in this way we can guarantee the health of an entire community.” Dr. Muhammad Sayegh says. He added, during his talk to Asharq Al-Awsat: “We do not want to wait for the patients’ delegations to arrive at our medical center in order to take care of them. We also aspire to deliver this plan outside Lebanon to cover the largest possible areas of our Arab society. ”

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Founded in 1867, the College of Medicine at the American University of Beirut operates according to a charter issued by the State of New York, USA, and administered by a private and independent Board of Trustees.

The college seeks to find opportunities that enable its students to develop entrepreneurship, develop their creativity and gain professional leadership skills, by participating in scientific seminars and clinical clinical applications, which contributes to the education, training and graduation of specialist doctors.

An annex to the Faculty of Medicine at the American University of Beirut is a medical center that includes departments of internal medicine, surgery, children, gynecology, obstetrics and psychiatry. The medical center also provides integrated health care services in many fields of specialization, nursing training programs and other medical professions.

International credits

Since 1902, the medical center at the American University of Beirut has been providing the highest standards of patient care throughout Lebanon and the region. It is also the educational medical center of the Faculty of Medicine at the American University of Beirut, which has trained generations of medical students and graduates spread in leading institutions all over the world. The Medical Center at the American University of Beirut is the only medical institution in the Middle East that has received five international accreditation certificates: JCI, Magnet, CAP, ACGME-I and JACIE, which constitutes evidence of the center’s adoption of the highest standards of patient-centered healthcare and science Diseases, laboratory services, medical education and graduate studies The College of Medicine has graduated more than four thousand students and doctors The Rafic Hariri School of Nursing provides outstanding education for nursing personnel, and the medical center meets the health care needs of more than 360,000 patients annually.

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The center consists of a number of centers of excellence, such as the Children’s Cancer Center of the St. Jude Research Hospital in Memphis and Tennessee. It also includes the Basil Adult Oncology Program and a bone marrow transplant unit, in addition to various neurology centers, cardiovascular diseases and a women’s health care center.

“There are investments that touch about 400 million dollars allocated to build the necessary infrastructure for the medical center with a project to open several new buildings and divisions for cancer and other diseases related to children, in addition to a qualitative shift by increasing the number of beds to meet the different health needs of our patients,” he explained. . Sayegh in the context of his speech.

Donations for the needy

The medical center works to provide free treatment for incurable diseases by establishing donation funds for the needy, whose goal is to provide treatment for people with low incomes. It allocates annually $ 10 million to help this group of people who lack the financial means to treat.

The Medical Center organizes an annual conference, sessions and workshops (MEMA) dealing with various topics such as conflict medicine and other topics such as women’s health, mental health, the burden of cancer and kidney dialysis during conflict and training and education of health professionals to deal with the challenges of caring for community members.

The American College of Medicine is leading the way in securing a direct academic educational program for its students, applying what they study directly to the ground in the corridors of its medical center.

Dr. Mohammed Sayegh believes that the return of about 180 Lebanese international doctors from its graduates to their arms after a rich march to them in universities, treatment centers and international hospitals is an achievement in itself. “There is no institution in Lebanon that has been able to do this before. We have brought this number of doctors back to the college campus and I am among them. I worked for 25 years at Harvard University, and I did not hesitate to return to my country to participate in its rise in the medical world. ». Dr. Muhammad Sayegh explains to «Middle East».

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A leader in the region

The Faculty of Medicine at the American University dazzled the world with its educational and therapeutic accomplishments, in 1925. The first woman in pharmacology (Sarah Levy) graduated in the Arab world, and after a few years (1931) her appointment came with the graduation of the first woman in the medical world (Adma Abu Intense). Between 1975 and 1991 she played a fundamental role in treating the victims of the Lebanese war. In one year (1976-1977), her emergency department treated more than 8,000 wounded. In 2014, she received one of the largest financial donations ($ 32 million) to support and expand her medical center.

As her name shined in many medical achievements, especially in heart diseases, one of her doctors (Dr. Ibrahim Dagher) was the first to perform an open heart operation in the Arab world, in 1958. In 2009, she performed the first artificial heart transplant in Lebanon, and in In 2017 her medical team scored the first Arab achievement of its kind in pediatric cardiology, when it successfully implanted a normal heart for a child.

She also topped the first Arab position in the medical world for three consecutive years (2014-2017) and won many awards, including the “International Award in Emergency Medicine” and “Abdul Hamid Shoman Award” for Arab research, and “Hamdan Award for the Best Medical College in the Arab World” For her role in medical education for the years 2001-2002.

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