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Thursday March 26, 2020

Because of YouTube Corona it reduces the quality to 480p by default

Due to the spread of the Corona virus, YouTube has reduced the quality of broadcasting to the default site to 480p. This is due to the presence of many people and their commitment to their homes for fear of the spreading virus. And according to the laws of preventing gatherings, so that the virus does not spread further and no one becomes infected.

What do we know?

  • There is pressure on watch servers due to people sticking to their homes
  • People stick to their homes because of the spread of the Coruna virus in the world
  • YouTube reduced the default viewing quality to 480p due to server pressure

YouTube reduces default quality due to corona

Like Netflix and many broadcast services, YouTube has reduced the broadcast quality due to the spread of the Corona virus in the world now. This came because people committed to their homes for fear of infection, which led to a great pressure on the servers of the companies providing the service. As companies around the world did not expect their need to support servers in this way.

Because of YouTube Corona it reduces the quality to 480p by default 2

Quality control

What annoys many users is their inability to see the content they love with the quality that they love, whether it is FHD or 4K. At first, the site automatically determined quality. You find that, depending on your internet speed, your video will play in 720p, 1080p, or even 240p quality. Thanks to YouTube’s auto selection. Now the video will not work at 480p by default, but you will be able to change the video quality if you like.

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Corona has more impact on YouTube

Corona virus affected other sites, not only YouTube. Many sites and many broadcast services on the Internet have got their share of the pressure and resorted to changing and reducing the quality of the videos. Ventflex has canceled the HD quality and made the SD quality the default, and so did other companies such as Amazon Prime and Disney Plus in order to reduce the pressure on their servers. Own.


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