Long beautiful hair: it is the secret of girls’ beauty, and tourist hair is the permanent dream of girls and women. Are these things difficult to obtain? And can we keep dreaming such dreams without getting any of them? And if the answer is that these dreams can be obtained, how can we get them? We can turn these dreams into reality, as these dreams will not remain dreams and will turn into reality with the banana peel, by using 7 banana peels and a can of green coconut oil and olive oil with the same amount of coconut, and we put the coconut in the blender with olive oil and banana peel Then we put it on the fire for an hour, then we put it in a box and then put it in the fridge, then we put it on the hair and grease it for three days a week, then in the second week we put it only once a week, and it does not leave on the hair More than two hours, and another mixture of banana peels can be made and it contains crushed and dried banana peel such as fine powder, mayonnaise, olive oil, and castor oil, or the ingredients are according to the length of the hair and we knead all the ingredients together and We leave it on the scalp and hair for 30 minutes, and we comb it with a comb to make the mixture penetrate the entire hair, and then we cover it with a plastic bag for another 30 minutes or increase the duration according to the length of the hair and its need. A warm towel can be placed on the head over the bag, then we By washing the hair and it should not be dried, but rather leave it to dry on its own. Bananas can be dried by leaving it for three days Under the sun, it turns from yellow to black, then we grind it for use in recipes and grind it in such a way that it becomes very soft like a powder, and the banana peel contains potassium, vitamin B, iron and magnesium, and it gives the hair vitality and luster and moisturizes the hair and Straighten and lengthen it naturally without any damage to the hair, and castor oil is a stand for hair breakage and fall and helps to lengthen it, and you can use a banana that is fully ripe and brown, and a spoon of sweet almond oil and a spoon of honey, we mix those The ingredients are together, then we put it on the ten and on the scalp and make it leave the hair from the inside using a brush for 20 minutes, and we use this mixture three times a week, day after day for a month, and you will get after these mixtures on smooth and long hair and The hair that you have always dreamed of all your life, only adhering to the mixtures will help us.

Banana peel for hair growth

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