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Thursday September 17, 2020

Bahrain .. Formation of the “Jerusalem Martyrs Company” to resist the Zionist presence

The World – Bahrain

The Saraya said in its statement: “The Promise Brigades of God, in their name and in the name of their Mujahideen brothers in the Islamic Resistance in Bahrain, announces the opening of the door for joining the“ Jerusalem Martyrs Company ”to resist the Zionist presence in Bahrain.

“We are in Saraya Waad Allah and the rest of the Islamic Resistance factions in Bahrain, and our people are lovers of fighting the Zionist enemy, and resisting all the arrogant policies that are intended to be imposed on our people and our nation,” she added.

“Saraya Waad Allah” confirmed in its statement that its position on normalization under the name of “peace process” occurring between Bahrain and the Zionist enemy by virtue of nothingness, noting that it is “contrary to the principles and values ​​that the Bahraini people believe in, rejecting all kinds of normalization.”

The statement continued, “The false normalization with the Zionist enemy is nothing but a continuation of the empowerment of this cancerous gland from the body of the nation, and the rotten fruit of years of betrayal by the Zionist governments of the principles of belief and the will of free peoples, and the beginning of diplomatic representation, commercial dealings, cultural exchange and a security presence in a country full of foreign military bases and centers that There was nothing left for the sovereignty of this country. ”

And the statement of the Promise of God Brigades pointed out that what is being woven between the puppet regimes of arrogance with the Zionist enemy is rejected by reason, law, and the people. Pointing out that “the pursuit of the American agent, the Crown Prince Al-Khalifi, has not been dispelled, and his dreams are nothing but a mirage of a lake that thirsty people think of as water, and he will soon taste his desolation.”

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He stressed that the people of Bahrain will have “a prominent role in resisting normalization, and not enabling the Zionist enemy to establish its presence in the pure land of Bahrain.”

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