Bahjat Ali Ibrahim (Kurdish: Bahjat Ali Ibrahim), born on January 1, 1970 AD, Duhok is a Kurdish politician in the Kurdistan Democratic Party. He is currently a member of the Kurdistan Parliament.[1][2] Bahgat is a member of the Finance and Economic Affairs Committee,[3][4] Vice Chairman of the Reconstruction and Investment Committee in the Kurdistan Parliament.[5]

Kurdish struggle[عدل]

1985 – With the Kurdistan Democratic Union in the city of Naqda, eastern Kurdistan, he worked for Kurdish work.

1989 – Carrying the weapons of struggle and freedom, the Peshmerga became in relation to the soldiers and the Kurdistan revolution in the headquarters of the political school or the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

1995 Became secretary of the Central Organized Party or the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

science certificate[عدل]

– Bachelor of Economics, graduated from the Department of Administration and Economics at the University of Duhok 2005-2006

– Higher Diploma in Investment 2008

His managerial career[عدل]

  • 1999 Transferred to the Presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Advanced Director
  • 2008 Became Deputy Director General of the General Administration of Investment in Dohuk Governorate
  • Member of the Kurdistan Economists Syndicate
  • Member of the Kurdistan Farmers Syndicate

his personal life[عدل]

Bahjat Ali Ibrahim is married and has four children, “two sons and two daughters”.[6] He is fluent in Kurdish, Persian and English in addition to an understanding of Arabic.

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