The first case of autism was documented in 1747 AD, which was with (Huff Blair) in the village of Burg; Previously, people thought that those who had symptoms of autism were affected by the devil, but after research by some researchers in the science of human medicine they found that this is a disease that affects humans since childhood.[1]

The possibility of autism

Many studies have proven that the percentage of children with autism is higher:[2]

  • If the gender of the newborn is male.
  • If one of his family has autism, especially from the origins before him.
  • If the father is more than forty years old.
  • If someone from the previous family had neurological or hereditary problems and disorders.

signs of autism

Sometimes the signs and symptoms of autism appear on the child in the first months of his life. Since the appearance of these signs is not a definite thing that the child has this disease, but if these signs appear, it is better to examine it with those with experience in the field of these diseases. Therefore, we will present the signs of autism that can alert the parents early and take the appropriate action:[3]

  • Children’s failure to respond to the sounds that come from their family members during the first months of their life, as well as their ignoring of these sounds, especially those familiar to them, such as ignoring the mother’s voice and paying attention to other voices around them, are evidence that they may have autism.
  • Usually children of the age of one year with normal development are able to share with other people in looking at the things that are indicated, and also try to draw the parents’ attention to things that they find important to them; The absence of this development and common interest with others may indicate a sign of autism.
  • Children do not try to imitate those who were older than them; Facial expressions, or movements of the hands and body are evidence that they may have autism.
  • not responding to the feelings of others; Such as sadness, anger, or laughter is one of the signs of autism, because children usually get scared if they are reprimanded, or laugh when we laugh at them, or console someone who is sad.
  • Lack of imaginative development in children may be a sign of autism. For example, we find that if normal children play with a certain toy such as a car, they depict its movement in a natural way, or even make a sound to it that resembles the sound of a car.
  • Sudden loss of some skills previously mastered by children; The use of some vocabulary, sentences, or social skills is also a sign of autism.
  • making abnormal bodily movements; Such as moving from one place to another and the inability to remain still, and sometimes even making repetitive movements such as clapping, or moving hands, or swinging back and forth, may indicate a sign of autism.
  • Not responding to external stimuli normally, such as pain, touch, light, or sound, may be a sign of autism, for example, he may be indifferent if something painful happens to him.
  • Showing extreme aggression towards others, and sometimes towards themselves, is a sign of autism; Their moods are terribly fickle.

the reviewer

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signs of autism

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