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Wednesday March 25, 2020

Atwan: Will Corona record the beginning of the end for the collapse of the American empire?

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Mr. Guterres, and his counterpart, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, launched this call without specifying the party behind most or all of these wars, and financed them with money and equipment, and imposed sieges and sanctions, because he fears for himself and his position, and he who exceeded the seventy of He is old, and he does not have the nerve to call matters by name without fear in the critical stage in the history of mankind.

The United States is the one that invaded and occupied Iraq, and it led NATO to destroy Libya and turn it into a failed state, and stands behind the civil war currently taking place in it, and President Donald Trump admitted the greatness of his tongue that he spent $ 90 billion in Syria, stealing its oil, and using its revenues to finance groups Separatism and terrorism, and we do not exclude the validity of the Chinese accusations that it is behind the spread of this virus.

We would have wished that the Secretary-General of the United Nations had also called for an end to the sieges and economic sanctions that starve the tens of millions in many countries, especially Iran, Syria and the Gaza Strip, sanctions that include closing the borders and preventing the import of everything, including medicines, which leads to the martyrdom of millions like Iraq is in the nineties of the last century, so how can these besieged countries face this epidemic, respond to it, and save its citizens from its lethality, and it hardly provides one meal per day to its citizens, and its money is frozen in Western banks, and it cannot seize Rad aspirin.

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The Corona virus is undoubtedly dangerous, and its fight requires the cooperation of the entire world, but it remains more merciful than the wars of America, and in our Middle Eastern region in particular, which led to the killing of millions, and the displacement of this number ten times, and perhaps the positive side of it, Despite all of that, it is perhaps the most prominent reason to put the beginning of the end of the American empire, and rid the world of its evils and wars.


We do not need the American “Washington Post” newspaper to inform us in an editorial issued today that the severe damage this virus has caused to American life and economy may indicate the retreat of the American leadership to the world, when the leadership lacks the minimum level of humanity, and turns its back on the misfortunes of the closest people to it, nor It offers one “mask” to help millions of people affected by this epidemic and it is the strongest, greatest and richest country in the world, so I have no regrets and leadership over it, it fell in the first and most important human test.

Greatness does not bring about killing and wars, the arms trade, extortion and sieges, but rather morality and spreading the values ​​of justice and humanity, standing beside the weak and supporting the oppressed, all of which are feats and behaviors that have no place in the American dictionary, in its old and new nature.

We have not heard or read, that the US government sent one Shawal rice to the Gaza Strip, the chemicals needed for sewage treatment and water purification, or one medical mission to treat outbreaks of cholera in Yemen and claim lives, and anemia in the Syrian refugee camps on both sides of the Turkish-Syrian border Millions of hungry people in Iraq during the siege and in the Taliban movement in Afghanistan, but we have read and heard about arms deals, and the American drones that have been used and used in bombing weddings, mourning boards, schools, and kindergartens, as About us also about the depleted uranium used by US missiles in the Iraq war, spreading cancer, and led to the birth of a generation of children maimed.

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Yes .. We do not have any friendliness to successive American administrations and their brutal policies, not to the American people, so how and why does it practiced the worst forms of racism against us, and supports the rulers of the enemies of humanity in our country, and steals hundreds of billions of our wealth, whether directly or indirectly, through It orders it to cut oil prices and sell weapons deals that have expired, to save their economies and create jobs for the unemployed.

The “Corona” virus exposed American official racism, and the failure of its health systems, as it exposed its selfishness, and its lack of concern for the suffering of others, while the

Chinese and Russian planes to the airports of Iran, Italy, Spain and France burdened with medical equipment and experts, President Trump closes his country with Europe and most of the world, and allocates $ 100 million to help the affected countries, and is it much less than the sums he paid to women to silence them and prevent them from talking about his scandals , Our values, beliefs, and upbringing prevent us from going into more detail.


If the Suez War and the British-French-Israeli aggression mark the date of the collapse of the British empire that was not absent from the sun, then the Corona virus may mark the beginning of the countdown to the end of the American empire, or so we hope .. “Be optimistic about something you find.”

Thank you to China and Russia .. Thanks to the small country of Cuba, a huge humane area as well, for all the help and assistance provided by those affected by this epidemic. In difficult moments, moral values ​​appear, masks are lost from the missing faces of living water and human symbiosis …

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Abdul Bari Atwan-Ray today

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