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Thursday April 2, 2020

Attitudes and opinions on what is going on in Bahrain

The TV report that highlighted the inhuman violations committed against the two detainees of conscience, Ibtisam Al-Sayegh, and the success of Youssef Al-Teen broke the silence and exposed the crime that took place in the prisons of the system against them and all other women.

Followers of Bahraini affairs saw that Bahrain’s prisons are among the most horrific prisons in the world and that what is going on in them is not consistent with human instinct, when the BBC comes and exposes what is happening to the tortured, it also turns a blind eye to many similar stories of these violations.

Today’s episode of Bahrain’s interview presented clips from the BBC movie, which shows the testimonies of the two Bahraini detainees and what happened with them at the hands of the regime’s apparatus as a result of their positions.

More details in today’s episode of “Hadith Bahrain” via the following video …

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