Fetal heartbeat time

The fetal heart begins to beat around the sixth week of pregnancy, and the mother can hear and see the fetal heartbeat for the first time if an early ultrasound scan is done in the eighth week of pregnancy, and the doctor may be able to find the pulse with the help of a Doppler device Which monitors the fetal heartbeat as early as the tenth week, but it is common to hear it in the twelfth week, and how quickly the sound of the heartbeat is picked up depends on the position of the fetus in the womb, the weight of the mother, and the accuracy of the date of birth.[1]

Normal fetal heartbeat

The normal fetal heart rate is initially the same as the mother’s heart rate, i.e. between eighty to eighty-five beats per minute, and then the heart rate increases by about three beats per minute for each day during the first month of pregnancy; Which helps the doctor to accurately determine the gestational age through ultrasound.[2]

At the beginning of the ninth week of pregnancy, the normal fetal heart rate is about 175 beats per minute, and in the middle of pregnancy there is a rapid slowdown in the normal fetal heart rate to about 120 to 180 beats per minute, and there is a slowdown in the heart rate in the last ten weeks of pregnancy. Pregnancy, although a normal fetal heart rate is still twice that of an adult.[2]

The relationship between fetal heart rate and gender

During a study published by Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy, researchers conducted an ultrasound scan (in English: sonograms) on 966 women during pregnancy in the period before the fourteenth week of pregnancy, and the examination was repeated again in the third trimester. The second of pregnancy is between the eighteenth and twenty-fourth weeks of pregnancy, when the sex of the fetus is determined by ultrasound.[3]

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At what week does the fetus’s heart beat?

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