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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Aston Martin unveils the AMRC01 racing simulator

Followers of the automotive world note that Aston Martin is taking a different curve than any other company in the market by launching unexpected products.

After the arrival of the Aston Martin plane, the company has returned to the world of cars from a different entrance, and this time the AMRC01 racing simulator will be the new masterpiece of the company and in cooperation with a company specializing in the production of racing simulators, and Aston Martin describes its product as “the ultimate device for simulating racing in luxury homes “.

In fact, the AMRC01 simulator was made from a unified carbon fiber structure as if it were a real car body, and the parts of the device were assembled by hand, and it also carries the design of the famous Aston Martin cars, and customers will be able to order it in abstract carbon fiber or in distinctive colors of their choice. In any case, the price of AMRC01 will not be less than 74,000 USD per piece.

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