Follow a healthy diet for the child

A child cannot grow normally, both physically and mentally, without taking care of his healthy food. Therefore, parents should avoid foods that may cause him to be obese. Such as those rich in calories and fats, and the lack of calories, minerals, vitamins, and major nutrients reduces the child’s intelligence, height, and weight compared to other children, so parents should control their child’s food, and make sure to eat healthy food.[1]

express love

Studies have proven that the child’s self-esteem increases the more he feels love and affection; Therefore, parents must kiss the child, or hug him, to feel love, and love and tenderness are important factors in reducing aggression, and behavioral problems in the child. Badly, and there are many people who believe in the success of using beating in raising a child, thinking that it is the best way to correct the child’s behavior, which makes the child convinced of using beating as an effective means of solving problems.[2]It can also be that the parents do not care about the child and do not like him to create some social problems for him. such as autism, shyness, and anxiety.[1]

Correct communication with the child

Visual and physical communication is important in prompting the child to listen carefully to his parents’ words and instructions. In some cases, the mistake that the child commits may not be a result of it, but may be the result of an error in communicating with him, so it must be communicated well with the child, for example, a call may be made the child several times, and the only time he heard might be the last time.[3]

Other aspects of childcare

There are many aspects of parenting a child, including:

  • Control when watching TV shows and playing times.[1]
  • reading stories before bed; It creates communication between parent and child and promotes brain development.[2]
  • Allocate time for entertainment with the children separately, in order to make each of them feel distinct from his brother.[2]

the reviewer

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Parental aspects of child care

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