Asia’s Most Accessible Digital Nomad Visa Now Available in Malaysia

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Southeast Asia: A Haven for Travelers and Digital Nomads

Southeast Asia has always been a popular destination for travelers and digital nomads looking for an affordable living and a taste of the good life. However, getting a long-term visa has been a challenge for many, with short-term tourist visas being the only available option in most cases.

The Current Visa Situation in Thailand

Thailand, a top destination for digital nomads, had previously offered a 90-day tourist visa on arrival in 2022 but reverted back to 30 days this spring while also cracking down on visa runs. Their only digital nomad visa options fall under the Thai Elite Program, which offers nine tiers of VIP status for high-earning nomads willing to shell out anywhere from $17K to $1.5M.

Other Southeast Asian Countries’ Approach to Boost Tourism and Investments

Other countries in the region are taking a different approach, hoping to boost their post-pandemic tourist industries and encourage foreign investment. Vietnam is in the process of extending tourist visas from 30 to 90 days, while Indonesia announced a new digital nomad visa last summer.

Malaysia has been a leader in long-stay tourist and business visas in Southeast Asia, with their “social visit pass” visa on arrival allowing travelers from the US, UK, and other countries to stay for up to 90 days.

FAQ: Common Questions About Southeast Asia Visas

1. Can I stay in Southeast Asia as a digital nomad?

Yes, you can stay in Southeast Asia as a digital nomad. However, the visa options for digital nomads are currently limited, with Thailand’s Elite program being the most popular option.

2. What are the visa options for tourists in Southeast Asia?

Most countries in Southeast Asia offer short-term tourist visas, usually for 30 days. However, some countries are extending their tourist visas to 90 days to boost their post-pandemic tourism industries.

3. How much does it cost to get a digital nomad visa in Southeast Asia?

The cost of a digital nomad visa varies depending on the country and the type of visa. Thailand’s Elite program can cost anywhere from $17K to $1.5M.

4. Can I work remotely on a tourist visa in Southeast Asia?

Technically, working on a tourist visa is not allowed in most countries. However, many digital nomads still work remotely while on a tourist visa, as long as they don’t exceed the visa’s allowed stay period.

5. What countries in Southeast Asia have the best visa options for digital nomads?

Currently, Thailand’s Elite program is the most popular option for digital nomads in Southeast Asia. However, other countries like Vietnam and Indonesia are also offering digital nomad visas to attract remote workers.