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Saturday August 1, 2020

Arrest of three teenagers suspected of involvement in the penetration of Twitter

Both the FBI, US Secret Service, and law enforcement agencies in Florida arrested a 17-year-old teenager named Graham Clark on suspicion of being involved in a major Twitter hack two weeks ago.

Although this young man may be the “mastermind”, he did not work alone, as it was announced that another teenager was arrested and charged, Nima Fazeli, whose code name is Rolex, 22, and Mason Sheppard, and his code name, Chaewon, from the United Kingdom, 19 years old.

According to the official statement, Clark was able to access the private internal Twitter software and tools and organized and managed the financial fraud and the spread of fraudulent tweets.

Clark persuaded a Twitter employee that he worked for the company’s IT department and tricked him into giving his login data to company systems.

After accessing the customer service portal, Clark gained access to highly important user accounts like US Vice President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, and other companies such as Apple and Coinbase for crypto trading.

It is noteworthy that the hacking of Twitter and financial fraud achieved transfers from Bitcoin with a value of only 117 thousand dollars.

Fazeli faces a 5-year prison sentence and a $ 250,000 fine, and three charges have been brought against Sheppard, including money laundering. The mastermind faces a 20-year prison sentence and a $ 250,000 fine for 30 charges.


The Verge

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