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Sunday April 19, 2020

Arrest of 16 thousand people who violated the prohibitions in Jordan

The World – Jordan

As for the commitment of citizens, Al-Dabbas said that there is no negligence in the implementation of defense orders, as the awareness of citizens became better, but the beginning of the ban was not cooperation as required, where 16 thousand people and 9797 vehicles were seized, where the vehicles were deported for seizure, and about the dismantling of the vehicles, General Dabbas said that the owner The vehicle will pay all costs.

Al-Dabbas stressed that the planes were used in all regions of the Kingdom, as the cameras showed great commitment to the citizens.

On Aqaba, Al-Dabbas said that Aqaba will be closed tomorrow, and vehicles and people will be allowed to move inside it, and all shops will be allowed to open. After 6:00 pm, no movement is permitted.

Dissolution of the rumor and the extent of its harm Al-Dabbas confirmed that all the rumors were arrested and referred to the judiciary, noting that the rumors had decreased significantly.

On Ramadan, Al-Dabbas stressed that a plan had been drawn up in cooperation with all the security services, and that all public security salaries would be deployed very significantly in the squares and streets.

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