Arranging the surahs of the Qur’an according to the Qur’an

The order in which the Noble Qur’an is currently in is the same as that which occurred at the time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. The Prophet was ordering the scribes of revelation to write the Qur’anic verse in a specific place and in a specific surah, just as the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – presented the Qur’an to Gabriel – peace be upon him. In the year in which he died in the same order,[1] The order of the surahs was as follows: Al-Fatihah, then Al-Baqara, the family of Imran, the women, the table, the cattle, the customs, the Anfal, the repentance, Yunus, Hood, Joseph, the thunder, Ibrahim, the stone, the bee, the journey, the cave, Mary, Taha, the prophets Hajj, the believers, the light, the criterion, the poets, the ants, the stories, the spider, the rum, Luqman, the sajdah, the parties, the Sheba, the Fatir, the Yaseen, the Safat, the r, the zumr, the forgiver, the separated, the Shura, the decoration, the smoke, the Jathiyah, the Ahqaf Muhammad, Al-Fath, Al-Hujurat, Q, Al-Dhariyat, Phase, Star, Moon, Ar-Rahman, Al-Waqi’ah, Iron, Argumentation, Al-Hashr, Examiner, Al-Saff, Friday, Hypocrites, Al-Taghabun, Divorce, Prohibition, King, Pen, Al-Haqqah, Ascension, Noah Jinn, Muzammil, Al-Muddathir, Resurrection, Human, Messengers, Al-Nabaa, Disputes, Abss, Al-Takwir, Al-Infrat, Al-Mutaffifin, Dissent, Zodiac, Al-Tariq, Al-Ala, Al-Ghasheya, Dawn, Country, Sun, Night, Morning, Sharh, Fig, Alaq Destiny, the evidence, the earthquake, the ordinary, the qari’ah, the multiplication, the era, the hamza, the elephant, the Quraish, the Ma’un, the kawthar, the unbelievers, the victory, the obstacle, the sincerity, the falaq, the people.[2]

Reading the Qur’an according to the order of the Qur’an

It is better for the reader of the Qur’an to observe the order that was explained above, as the arrangement of the surahs has a wisdom that must be observed, but recitation in order is not considered a condition or obligatory, so it is permissible to contradict it in the recitation.[3]

Arrangement of Quranic verses

The scholars unanimously agreed that the arrangement of the Qur’anic verses is one of the endowment matters from God – the Mighty and Sublime – in which there is no room for opinion and ijtihad.[4]

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Arranging the surahs of the Qur’an according to the Qur’an

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