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Tuesday March 2, 2021

Arnous discusses with the Iranian President’s aide, ways of scientific cooperation

The World – Syria

The meeting dealt with the importance of exchanging scientific expertise in the technical field, including biotechnology, information and communication technology, and technical industries, establishing the necessary infrastructure for this and employing it in supporting the capacity of the local economy in the two friendly countries, securing equipment for laboratories and universities, hospital supplies, education and medical rehabilitation, and securing modern medical and laboratory supplies and equipment.

Arnous stressed the importance of upgrading scientific cooperation to the level of political and economic cooperation between the two countries, exchanging experiences in the field of qualification and training, conducting joint scientific research and increasing scientific missions to benefit from what Iran has reached in the scientific and technological fields, indicating that the Syrian government is keen to enhance the prospects of cooperation in this field and follow up the implementation of agreements. And memoranda of cooperation according to the agreed timetables.

The Prime Minister expressed Syria’s appreciation for the Iranian leadership and people standing by the Syrian people in opposing the terrorist war to which they are exposed .. noting the efforts made by Iran to defend its right to achieve its own scientific gains and its insistence on transferring these gains to other peoples in a way that contributes to spreading Knowledge culture.

For his part, Stary emphasized the depth of relations between the two friendly countries throughout history and his country’s desire to assist Syria in establishing training and rehabilitation centers, especially in the field of science and knowledge-based economy … and transferring the experiences achieved by Iran in the field of technical sciences to benefit from them in the reconstruction phase and the production of medical devices locally. … also the willingness to cooperate in the field of establishing a Syrian-Iranian environmental and technical park … expressing his country’s appreciation for the victories achieved by Syria in its war against terrorism and its insistence on rehabilitating the education sector.

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The meeting was attended by Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Bassam Ibrahim, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Qais Khidr, and the Iranian ambassador to Damascus.

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