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Thursday October 1, 2020

Armenia: 1280 Azerbaijani soldiers killed in the Karabakh battles

World – Central Asia

The Armenian Deputy Prime Minister, Tigran Avignan, has posted an infographic on his Facebook account, which talks about the killing of 1,280 soldiers and wounding 2.7 thousand others among the Azerbaijani forces.

The Armenian data also said that the Azerbaijani forces lost 90 drones, 12 helicopters, 4 planes, 181 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, 3 heavy artillery systems and two “Smirt” systems.

Azerbaijan has previously denied repeatedly the validity of the data provided by Armenia regarding the field conditions on the fighting fronts in Karabakh, saying that this data is propaganda.

On the morning of September 27, armed clashes erupted on the contact line between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces in Nagorny Karabakh and adjacent areas, in the most dangerous escalation between the two parties in more than 20 years.

Azerbaijan said that the Armenian armed forces fired on residential areas on the contact line in the Karabakh Republic unilaterally declared, and that the bombing resulted in civilian deaths.

For its part, Armenia and the Karabakh administration accused the Azerbaijani side of launching “air and missile strikes” on the region, and the Armenian authorities announced general mobilization in the country.

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