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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Are you thinking of traveling soon? Find out about travel procedures after Corona

With the beginning of the gradual return of air transport around the world and the easing of restrictions on movement, which were imposed by the conditions of dealing with the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid 19), it is natural for the travel conditions that we have been accustomed to change, and this may continue for a long time and the world finds itself in front of a whole new scene, Travel is linked to requirements and requirements that ensure safety, prevention and a safe travel experience. Travel after the Coronavirus is definitely not what it was before.

Several points we will address in this article, we have begun to witness a radical change in them during the current period, especially after the ongoing attempts to resume air travel, including:


Travelers will begin to notice the change and difference when starting to book tickets, most reports indicate that the return of companies operating in the sector will be gradual, and therefore the availability of options will not be at the same level as it was before the pandemic, all of this will inevitably lead to an increase in reservation prices in the first stage. , Before the decline again with the increase in options and the greater return of international companies and operators. Although travelers believe that the burden of the new cost should not be on their shoulders, travelers will pay additional costs for healthrelated procedures.

medical certificate

It is expected that the Covid19 examinations, of all kinds and requirements, will constitute one of the most prominent conditions for allowing travel, as several countries have, over the past months, begun to open their borders again to visitors and tourists, in conjunction with imposing a set of measures such as presenting a medical certificate indicating that the visitor enjoys good health and is not infected with the virus.

With the multiple required steps, it is expected that the arrival time at the airports to complete the travel procedures will advance by between 4 and 6 hours to allow sufficient time to conduct the required tests according to the protocols announced by some countries and airports around the world.

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During the flight

Numerous reports said that the ban on carrying bags in passenger compartments will be made to facilitate the sterilization process during the checkin process, and many airports will begin to completely remove the boxes in which travelers put their belongings, so travelers will have to put their belongings directly on the conveyor belt.

It will also not allow nontravelers to be at the airport to reduce the crowds, and sterilization spaces and thermal scanners will be adopted for travelers in addition to the imposition of wearing protective masks “masks” and “ravages”, and the use of sterilizers, and these measures will be applied to passengers and crew alike. .

It is also possible that the ascent of passengers to the plane may change and become different from what we used to do previously, as some airports are considering changing the way passengers board the plane by having passengers ascend from the back door of the plane first and then move forward to limit contact with Others.

Upon reaching the desired destination

Visitors to some countries may have to undergo a 48hour isolation period upon arrival awaiting the issuance of the test results, while the procedures will vary at the arrival points depending on the procedures applied in each country, which will not be without thermal examination tests and some other medical examinations.

There is no doubt that the travel experience before “Covid19” is not the same as after, which prompted many to search for new tourist destinations within their countries that they had not visited before.

And you how do you expect what will be the shape of travel? Do you think that it can return as it was?

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