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Monday September 28, 2020

Arab media propaganda to beautify the betrayal of normalization

The “Windows” program sheds light on those seeking to normalize in it tampering with concepts, demolishing constants and abolishing values ​​and principles by reshaping awareness and Zionism of mind to distort facts, falsify history and make what is not natural in the media, serials and newspapers, to remove mines that hinder identification with the Zionist project.

Serious and catastrophic breaches, and what was added to the matter was ill-speaking by the preacher of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, and the demolition of the fundamentals of Islam and the abolition of the Qur’an judgments by permissibility of normalization with a sinful aggressor and a mean occupier

Political researcher Dr. Walid Muhammad Ali criticized the role of the Arab media in turning the facts in order to achieve normalization with the occupation entity.

The coordinator of the Qaderoon Network for Alternative Media, Dr. Walid Muhammad Ali, said that the Arab media is unfortunately trying to falsify the facts, with the black heart white and creating false facts that are imposed on public opinion, which contradict the facts of history and geography.

The Secretary-General of the Bahrain Freedom Movement, Dr. Saeed Al-Shehabi considered the Egyptian normalization with the occupation entity as a model that could be emulated. When Egypt was printed with the occupation, it expected an improvement in its economy, but this did not happen, so what do the Gulf countries expect from normalization?

You can follow the full episode via the following two links:

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