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Tuesday December 17, 2019

Apps That Help You To Take The IELTS Test With Confidence

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IELTS test

IELTS test, transit license for many of the requirements that you seek in your career, as you will need it during immigration, for example, study, and business destinations that adopt the English language. The test consists of 4 main sections: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The reading and writing test is about one hour each, the listening test is about 30 minutes, and the speaking test is about 15 minutes. During this report, we will review a set of important applications that will help you prepare for the IELTS test on your smartphone.

IELTS FULL … One app that prepares all parts of the test

The importance of this application lies in enhancing the English language skills related to the IELTS test for students and future users to take the test, as the application is not limited to one part of the test only, but includes all parts of the test; from reading and writing to listening and speaking, in addition to including a lot Among the tips that guide students to how to take the test and how to answer correctly for a high score.

During the reading part, the application provides the knowledge information that students need to know the components of the reading test, in addition to providing many test samples related to this part in the IELTS test with its answers, which enables students to train on the reading test and pass it with a high degree. As for the part related to writing, the application provides a wide range of information, knowledge topics and articles related to writing in the IELTS test, in addition to some ideas and training samples designed specifically to develop the ability of students to write and enhance their understanding of this part of the test. The application in the speaking section provides a lot of training samples for speaking test with its answers, in addition to providing the ability to test the ability of learners to speak in a peaceful way, in addition to providing a set of important tips and techniques that help students to take the test in a correct way and achieve a high degree. The listening part contains 3 progressive levels, each level contains approximately 34 interactive lessons designed according to the level of the learner, as the learner moves to each level after completing the previous level and verifying his mastery of what is stated in it through a set of tests. The application features the ability to listen to a set of lessons without the need to connect to the Internet. The app got a lot of positive reviews from nearly 3 thousand users, but the ads included in the application are what most annoys the users. The app is compatible with Android devices only, and it can be downloaded here.

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IELTS Word Power… increase your linguistic output from the British Council

The IELTS Word Power application is provided by the British Council, with the aim of preparing learners to pass a high-quality IELTS test. The application contains more than 100 training questions with detailed answers, the questions aim to test how well the learners have mastered the English vocabulary, while the answers available with the questions increase the linguistic outcome of learners, enhance their cognitive ability and improve their English in general. The application consists of 3 main sections, the first section is concerned with enhancing the linguistic ability of learners through a wide range of questions that allow learners to test their linguistic ability and identify their weaknesses, and then focus on them and overburden them with continuous training. The second section is concerned with comprehensive cognitive information, as it offers a huge collection of articles that provide all the information related to the IELTS test that the learner may need to know about. The third section is concerned with technical assistance for users, as it helps them search for the nearest headquarters of the British Council to take the IELTS test. The opinions of users about the application are completely different, some users see it as a very useful application and helped them a lot in preparing for the test, while others see it below the expectations level, especially that it is provided by the British Council, which is one of the main arms that take the IELTS test. The app got a rating of 3.9 on the Google Play store by more than 8,000 users, and it got a 3.5 rating on the App Store. The application is compatible with the operating systems “Android” and “iOS”, to download it for Android devices from here, and for Apple devices from here.

IELTS Practice Test .. Get ready for testing with fun games

The IELTS practice test is an effective way to help users prepare for their IELTS test. The app provides all the study tools and educational materials the learner needs in order to prepare well for the test. The application deviates from the traditional methods of the learning process, and provides fun ways to learn by mixing the learning process with fun games, and adding fun to the educational process through lessons and tests that challenge the mind and enhance the thinking capabilities. The application contains more than 5 thousand educational lessons along with many multimedia and experimental questions that enhance the process of practicing the English language, and covers all aspects of the IELTS test; starting with words, vocabulary and grammar, through the main parts of the test, namely: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The application provides a daily calendar that shows the progress of the educational process for each learner, in addition to providing detailed statistics for the aspects of the learner’s progress, as well as providing the application for an interactive community among learners, who can communicate with each other through it. The application provides the ability to hold competitions and challenges between users, and analyze learners ’results and rank them according to their progress. The application has received many positive reviews, and one of the users of the application comments on the experience of its use, saying: The learners who are preparing for the IELTS test should acquire this wonderful application. Another user says: This is a great app to prepare for the IELTS test, especially to learn new words quickly, with multiple type questions that I prefer in the learning process.

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Besides the basic free package, the app provides two types of paid subscriptions that enable users to use the application without an internet connection, along with some additional features. The value of the subscription to the first paid package is about $ 5 a year, while the value of the subscription to the second paid package is about $ 7 annually. The app is compatible with Apple devices only, and you can download it here.

IELTS Listening: Three educational levels prepare you for the listening test

The application aims to improve the English language skills of its users, and prepare them for the listening part of the IELTS test in the best way. The application contains three different educational levels, each level consists of about 34 educational lessons, and each educational lesson consists of a text version identical to the phonetics, in addition to one training sample to test the progress of learners. Although the main objective of the application is to enhance the listening skills of learners and help them to overcome the listening part of the IELTS test with a high degree through more than 800 educational and interactive lessons, it contains very rich content, works to overburden learners with different English language skills, and works to prepare them to pass IELTS test in all parts, whether listening, speaking, reading or writing. The application contains 700 knowledge articles that guide learners on how to master listening skills and enhance the skill of speaking in the English language, and contains about 100 of the most used English phrases in real life, more than 1500 of the most used English words, in addition to more than 3500 An expression of the common English language that provides learners with a good linguistic outcome. All of this increases learners’ writing, reading, listening and speaking skills, which helps them to pass the IELTS test easily and in a high degree. The application has many additional features, the most prominent of which is the ability to use it and attend a lot of educational lessons and interactive lectures without the need to connect to the Internet. The app garnered a lot of good reviews from users, and it received a rating of 4.6 on the Google Play Store. The application is compatible with Android devices only, and it can be downloaded here.

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IELTS Speaking .. Speak fluently through interactive learning

The IELTS peaking app is designed to help future students and learners take the IELTS test to enhance their English speaking skills through interactive learning models, and simulate the IELTS test of the speaking part through their smartphones and tablets via a valuable educational suite of over 200 An educational topic and training module for IELTS speaking tests.

The application allows users to prepare a complete study plan to prepare for the IELTS test, and provides the ability for the user to review his previous attempts in the learning process in order to identify weaknesses and work to reinforce them, as well as provide graphs and explanatory statistics that show the progress made by the user during his learning process.

The app got a lot of good reviews from users, as it got 4.6 rating on the App Store. A user comments on his experience with the application, saying: This application helps to develop your speaking capabilities by preparing you for the IELTS test, so I recommend using it long enough before taking the test.

Another user comments, saying: This is a great app for practicing the IELTS Partial Listening Part, the questions and topics contained in the application are so realistic that some of the questions that came in the IELTS test that I did in my country had already been answered in this application. The app is compatible with Apple devices only, and you can download it here. You can also download an app similar to Android phones from here.

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