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Tuesday January 26, 2021

Applications to delete duplicate photos | Arab Post

By the first of June 2021, Google Photos will stop offering unlimited storage capacity, and this means that you will need to purchase cloud storage for your photos, or find space on your computer or drive to keep them, and it is also important that you use space Your available storage wisely.

Applications to delete duplicate photos

One of the most important tips that can help many of us save a lot of storage space is getting rid of duplicate photos, or that we do not need, but how will you do that if you have more than 5 thousand pictures? Would you spend days searching and deleting?

Delete duplicate photo on Android

The solution is simple, you can do that by using some applications that can help you get rid of all those duplicate photos on your Android phone and iPhone.

The Files app from Google

The Files app from Google comes with a lot of storage management features, such as deleting duplicate files, unused apps, frequent backups, and others, according to the site. GadgetsNow Indian.

This means that the app scans for frequent files and folders including photos and videos.

Open the Files app with the necessary permissions, then click and delete the duplicate icons.

The Files app also gives users the option to delete trash, WhatsApp media folders, and screenshots, and it also identifies large files and helps users to clean and free up smartphone storage space.

You can download it from Here

Duplicates Cleaner

Duplicates Cleaner is another Android app that scans frequent media files, including photos, audio clips, documents, and videos, on your smartphone’s storage.

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The app gives users the option to compare and select files one by one, or select all files at once and delete them all.

You can download it from Here

CCleaner application

CCleaner is usually well-known for its ability to improve system performance by deleting trash files, freeing up space, cleaning RAM, monitoring system, and browsing safely.

The app offers powerful storage management features, and there is a dedicated media view option, which detects duplicate and poor quality images.

You can download it from Here

Nox cleaner app

Nox Cleaner is an application dedicated to cleaning system junk files and optimizing storage capabilities.

The application offers features such as trash cleaning, image management, antivirus, CPU cooling, and other features.

The photo management feature allows users to check and delete duplicate photos all at once.

You can download it from Here

Remo Duplicate Photo Remover app

Remo Duplicate Photo Remover is one of the most popular duplicate photo delete app. It offers a wide range of features for managing images, according to the site Mac World.

The application can scan for duplicate images as well as similar images with different titles.

After scanning, the app will display those pictures in groups and let users choose which ones they want to keep.

You can download it from Here

Delete duplicate photos on iPhone

Duplicate Photo Cleaner app

It is different from other duplicate image finders, because it compares images exactly as a human would.

Finds similarities in your photos, easily finds duplicate photos. It can also discover photos of the same subject, resized photos and edited photos.

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You can download it from Here

Cleen Photo App

This application is one of the most powerful and simpler applications that can be worked on on iPhones, through which you can delete identical and unwanted photos, thus adding more valuable space to your device.

Through the application, you can also customize your own set of photos, which helps you locate the image by name, size, location and date.

You can download it from Here.

Master for Camera Roll app

It is a fast, efficient and reliable program that allows you to get rid of unwanted photos with just one tap of your finger. Remove Master for Camera Roll is designed by Alunt Apps to make sure to clean and manage your camera roll with ease.

It’s also a comprehensive app that gives access to all of your photos.

You can download it from Here.


If you are looking for an app that can remove duplicate photos and clear your storage all at once, CleanUp is specially designed for this purpose and it is easy to use.

You can download it from Here.

Duplicate File Finder Remover app

The app is one of the best suitable replica finder tools to detect and remove duplicate photos.

It also enables you to get a large free storage space by getting rid of duplicate files as well, in addition to being easy to use.

You can download it from Here.

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