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Saturday July 11, 2020

Apple warns against closing the MacBook screen with a cover over the camera

Apple has warned users of its MacBook laptops of all kinds to close the computer screen with a cover that hides the built-in camera, as this may lead to malfunctions in the computer screen as well as the lighting indicator.

Apple explained that the distance between the MacBook screen and the keyboard was designed to be very small, therefore with a cover placed on the integrated camera it may lead to a screen malfunction, and conflicts with the lighting sensor, which leads to a problem in the automatic lighting feature of the screen according to the light surrounding the user.

Apple assures its users to rely on the illuminated camera operating indicator, which is designed to work with any camera operation by any other application. The camera cannot be operated without turning on the signal light, thus knowing that the camera is working.

And if you want the highest levels of privacy, and the idea of ​​a bright camera indicator does not convince you, then the camera cover should be very thin with an ordinary paper thickness, i.e. 0.1 mm thick. And if it is thicker than this, it should be removed before closing the computer screen.

Remember, you can always review the applications for which you have given camera access, and from the system’s properties you can disable that permission for any application.


Apple Support

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