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Saturday August 15, 2020

Apple TV + will provide CBS All Access and Showtime content at half the price (report)

Apple is still looking for more effective means to increase the popularity of its broadcast service, Apple TV +, as the company is currently working on a plan to support it with CBS All Access services as well as Showtime packages as part of a discounts program.

Where the Bloomberg report indicated that the Apple + TV subscription will provide access to CBS and Showtime broadcast content with its various channels on the Apple TV application for $ 9.99 per month.

Given the Apple plan, the cost of the monthly subscription to CBS All Access alone of $ 9.99 and the value of the Showtime subscription of $ 10.99, it is clear that the beneficiary is the user with savings of almost half of the expenses, bearing in mind that the monthly Apple TV + fees are fixed at 4.99 USD.

The new report comes in light of talking about a new service package from Apple that will be present during the coming period and may be launched during the next iPhone conference “iPhone 12”, where the service will bear the name Apple One and it will be a service package that brings together many of the company’s services under one umbrella at a reduced price. As the reports indicated.

Apple One will provide TV + services, Apple Music, Arcade, News +, and iCloud cloud storage. The company is apparently seeking to increase its revenues from the most important source of its income in recent years, which is the services sector, and to penetrate more in it to avoid any problems that may be caused by the decline in sales revenues of devices independently.

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