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Friday February 28, 2020

Apple resumes production at Foxconn factories in China

Foxconn factories in China are back to producing various Apple devices to work again after the country controlled the spread of the Corona virus.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said he felt China’s control of the virus and corona, adding that the numbers point to a decline one day and expressed optimism about it.

He explained that factories in China have been reopened, which is recovering to full capacity.

Foxconn factories had stopped working due to the Chinese New Year holidays, but after the holiday period ended, they continued to stop due to the spread of Corona virus in order to limit its spread among its employees.

Apple has spoken of an official press release about the impact of the virus on its expected revenue decline for the next fiscal quarter.

Shares of most American technology companies have declined over the past few days, and the Dow Jones index has made the lowest daily decline in its history, and Cook’s statement comes today to reassure investors that the company is back in business and dispel concerns about the impact of the virus.

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