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Tuesday November 17, 2020

Apple remakes Mac computers

News Now | cnet

Apple’s new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini look alike on the outside, but they’re getting new tricks that computers will struggle to emulate.

Apple has long sold private computers, which highlights their appeal. Now, with new interiors designed specifically for it, Apple hopes to push that allure forward.

This week, Apple began taking pre-orders for the new $ 999 and $ 1,199 MacBook Air for MacBook Pro laptops, as well as a refurbished Mac Mini desktop priced at $ 699. The company says the new devices could reach standards that, according to Bell, make them among the fastest personal computers in the world. Additionally, the company says, it is able to do so while providing better battery life, and in the case of the MacBook Air, it is sometimes fanless as well.

Apple says all of these changes come from the company’s new M1 silicon chip that specifically made it to serve as the brains of its computers. The move is a shift for the company, which for the past 14 years has relied on processors made by chip giant Intel. Intel provides the vast majority of CPUs, as it is known, used by computers. But, soon, it will not be made available to Apple.

Apple has spent more than a decade in research and development, and has sought to create its own competitor processor based on the well-regarded A-series chipsets that power the devices. Iphone And its own iPad for a decade. Now the chip has turned into the M1 for its computers, and, as Apple says, not only competes with Intel’s processors, it outperforms them.

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