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Tuesday October 6, 2020

Apple officially announces the iPhone 12 launch date

Apple announced today, Tuesday, a new product launch event later in October, when the company is expected to announce the next generation of iPhone smartphones.

The American technology giant said: It will hold its new event on October 13, at 10 am West Coast Time of the United States (8 pm Makkah time), and the event will be broadcast online due to the ongoing pandemic of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-) 19) COVID-19. Noting that the company used to hold the event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, USA.

Apple officially announces the iPhone 12 launch date

And Apple wrote in Event invitation The phrase Hi, Speed, hinting at the validity of the leaks that talk about support for 5G networks in upcoming iPhones, given that the fifth generation networks are the next generation of communications networks that promise tremendous data speeds.

It is noteworthy that Apple had announced last September its smart watch (Apple Watch Series 6), (iPad Air) iPad Air, and the eighth generation of its tablet computer (iPad) iPad. Although the company was expected to announce iPhones – as it does every year – the phones were absent from the event.

And Apple used to announce new iPhones during the September event, but the company had previously warned that the new iPhones for the current year would be delayed, and the reason was likely to be poor production related to the Coronavirus, according to what Luca Maestre, the director, warned. Apple’s fiscal year during a third-quarter earnings call for Apple’s fiscal year in July. “As you know, last year we started selling new iPhones in September,” he said. He added, “We expect for the current year that the offer will be available after a few weeks.”

It is expected that Apple will announce four new models of (iPhone 12) iPhone 12 this year, and this includes: two “regular” iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models. It is expected that the new phones will have new designs with sharper edges around the corners, similar to the company’s tablets, the iPad Air and iPad Pro.

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