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Sunday April 26, 2020

Apple offers a different user experience day and night on the “App Store”

Varied between day and night on the “App Store” to provide a unique experience for users during the holy month of Ramadan.

In the Middle East, Apple has announced a unique experience for its customers on the App Store, which varies between day and night to celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan. Starting April 23rd, a transformation will take place in the store through a specially selected group of applications in addition to a distinct visual identity. Because customers change their lifestyle and habits in Ramadan before and after sunset, the day and night guide will offer different applications and games for enjoyment during different periods of the day.

Apple says about this: “During the day, users can discover a range of apps ranging from health and self-improvement to cooking, productivity and simple games. At night, the focus will be on more professional gaming experiences as well as entertainment and online content playback, as well as photo and video content. The drawings commissioned by Moroccan artist Mohamed Smij depict the experience of day and night to help tell a visual story alongside the new App Store content this Ramadan. ”

Games and applications section:

The tabs in the App Store make it easy for users to discover new and diverse apps that they will love and learn more about. Visitors can enjoy applications such as Athan Pro And Share the Meal During the day, then switch to gaming and entertainment applications such as Call of Duty And “See” And OSN During the night.

“Today” section:

This will be the first Ramadan in which Arab users can try the entire App Store in the Arabic language, while providing more content to users.

Users can expand the range of applications on their Ramadan journey by enjoying a full range of applications to suit their needs. To find out more, please move on Here.

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