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Wednesday March 18, 2020

Apple lists 4 copies of the iPad Pro tablet on its site, and then deletes it

4 new versions of the iPad Pro appeared on the Apple website and were quickly deleted by the company.

Apple has included on its website 4 new versions of the iPad Pro tablet with 11-inch and 13-inch sizes of both types, which operate with a SIM card, and it appears that it was inadvertently that the company quickly removed the listed list from the website from which some sites obtained On a picture of the published list.

It may have gone wrong, and Apple may take this tactic to highlight its devices ahead of the expected official launch date.

Where many technical companies publish leaks about their devices to shed light on them, a tactic that has spread during the recent period heavily.

ipad pro list

Press reports and forecasts since last year have been talking about Apple’s desire to reveal new versions of the iPad Pro and iPad mini tablets in the first half of this year, but with the global crisis related to the Corona virus and the factories that produce Apple parts stopped working at different periods, the launch date It may have been slightly deferred, but the inclusion of the devices on the website suggests that their official launch date appears to be approaching.

The new iPad Pro versions are expected to come with a 3D camera with a 3D sensor, along with a keyboard as an additional accessory.



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