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Wednesday November 11, 2020

Apple launches the new Mac Mini with the M1 chip, starting at $ 699

Apple has launched a new update for the Mac Mini desktop computer, which applies to the company’s first version of the M1 processor chips, and comes at a starting price of $ 699.

The new Mac Mini desktop computer from Apple has a weight of 1.18 kg, and comes with a small-sized design that distinguished the company version of the year 2018, the device also includes two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt and USB 4 support, and two USB-A, with ethernet, And headphone jack.

And Apple confirms that the new Mac Mini can support two external screens, as the device can support 6K Pro XDR.

On the other hand, Apple introduces the device with a new internal thermal design that supports the user with quiet performance with better performance, and Apple also confirms the efficiency of the new version by 60% compared to the previous version.

The Mac Mini is among the first devices to launch with the new Apple M1 processor, which comes with an integrated processing unit system and is based on the ARM architecture.

The new Mac Mini is scheduled to support running applications on iPhones and iPads, and also comes with fast performance in intensive tasks to display video or code, and Apple makes the new Mac Mini with two models for the market, as the first model features a random memory of 8 GB RAM and capacity 256 GB storage at $ 699, while the second model comes with 8 GB of random memory, and a storage capacity of 512 GB in the SSD at a price of 899 dollars.

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