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Thursday December 31, 2020

Apple is removing apps from its Chinese store

News Now – BBC


Removed Camel Tens of thousands of products from the Chinese version of its App Store on the last day of the year to meet Beijing’s demands.

Most of them were unlicensed games.

But civil rights activists said the company needed to be more transparent about why some were removed Applications Other.

The US tech company previously said it obeys local rules but sometimes defies removal orders.

“Apple is finally catching up with regulations that have already applied to many Android stores in China,” Craig Chapple, an analyst at market research firm Sensor Tower, told the BBC.

“The company may have felt pressure from the Chinese authorities, who for years have been increasingly applying these rules,” he added.


Apple removes apps


Apple removed about 46,000 apps from its store on New Year’s Eve, according to an analysis by research firm Qimai, of which 85% were games.

China introduced a law four years ago stating that games must be granted an official license number in order to be sold in the country.

Foreign companies were prohibited from selling games directly to consumers, and had to partner with local companies to do so.

And China’s National Press and Publication Administration website states that it granted only 97 licenses to import video games this year, some of which were for gaming consoles rather than apps.


Apple launches reality TV service
Informed sources said that Apple is seeking to launch a new “streaming” live video service, with original content from movies, series and programs.

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