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Saturday January 16, 2021

Apple is preparing to bring significant changes to the design of the next generation of iMac devices

The latest leaks confirmed that Apple has already started working on developing the next generation of iMac devices, which brings radical design changes.

A report published in Bloomberg recently indicated that Apple has begun work on redesigning the iMac all-in-one, as Apple is preparing to launch two new versions of the iMac all-in-one with a design that mimics Pro Display XDR.

It is decided that the devices iMac all-in-one for the year 2021 without the large frame that surrounds the screen, as Apple gets rid of the large design of the lower frame, as well as the curved design on the back.

The new devices of iMac all-in-one devices for the year 2021 will also be launched with the second generation of Apple processors that are based on the ARM design, so Apple replaces Intel processors in new versions.

The Bloomberg report also confirmed that Apple is developing a new screen with a good pricing level to be a good alternative to the Pro Display XDR screen that came at $ 5,000 with a stand at $ 1,000, but the new Apple screen will not be launched with professional design and features similar to Pro Display XDR.


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