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Friday March 13, 2020

Apple decides to hold its Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC 2020 online only

Apple decides to hold its Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC 2020 online only

As expected, Apple announced a few hours ago that its World Conference for Developers 2020 WWDC will be by default only via a live broadcast on the World Wide Web from the San Jose Convention Center in the US state of California during next June.

The company said in its statement in this regard that the current health situation requires the creation of a new model for the convening of the World Developers Conference 2020 WWDC; to develop a full program for the paragraphs of the conference will be through direct broadcast, which will also create a great opportunity for the welfare of all developers around the world this new experience.

The company’s global deputy director of marketing, Phil Schiller, has indicated that they will share more information and details about this event in the coming weeks.

In general, the news was not surprising in light of the bad news that occurred recently regarding the Virus Corona outbreak and the declaration of the World Health Organization that it has become a global epidemic, especially after the great outbreak in the middle of the European continent and inside the Italian borders in particular.

In view of these events, it is expected that Apple will take such a step for the sake of public safety also in line with the laws enacted by health organizations and organizations around the world that included preventing or canceling any gathering of more than 250 people; knowing that the copy of the conference from last year within About 6000 people.



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