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Friday July 31, 2020

Apple confirms the delay in the launch of the iPhone until after September

It is customary for Apple to officially disclose an iPhone in September and make it available for order before the end of the month, but this year with the global shutdown, especially factories in China, the iPhone 12 will not launch as usual in September and its arrival in the markets will be delayed beyond.

Apple’s chief financial officer Luca Maestri revealed while announcing its financial results that the new iPhone would be delayed by a few weeks.

This delay was not surprising. The Wall Street Journal had previously reported about a month earlier than usual commercial production of the new iPhone. Qualcomm recently confirmed this as well.

Delaying iPhone launch this year does not mean delaying the company’s annual conference, but it means a delay in its availability in the markets and the company’s official stores. Usually, Apple announced iPhone in September and made it available for purchase before the end of the month, and now it will not be available for purchase in September.

It is reported that this is not the first time that Apple has delayed the availability of iPhone phones in the market, in 2017 the iPhone X had delayed its arrival to the markets until November due to manufacturing difficulties, as well as the iPhone XR was delayed until October due to problems in the production of LCD screens, and now because of Corona IPhone 12 availability in stores will be delayed.

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