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Tuesday September 15, 2020

Apple Conference: Disclosure of Fitness + Fitness service at $ 9.99 monthly cost

In today’s event from Apple, many of its fans were hoping that the generation of the iPhone generation would be revealed, but this did not happen, but the company dedicated an event today to reveal its new smart watch, Watch Series 6, the new iPad, in addition to the Fitness + Fitness service, which we will review here.

The new service + Fitness “Fitness Plus” is a service that has been built in an integrated way with the Apple Watch and its multiple capabilities to track exercise, sleep, measure heart rate and blood oxygen rate; To enable the user to easily monitor all his activities with up to 10 different exercises and sports activities.

Among the examples provided by the service is informing the user about the running pace whether it is fast or slow, as well as giving information about the heart rate and the number of steps per minute, which ultimately helps guide the user to the correct way of practicing sports activities through the notifications provided by the watch.

As the company stated, the service is designed to work on the company’s multiple devices from the iPhone, iPad, as well as Apple TV, where the monthly subscription will be $ 9.99 and the annual subscription is $ 79.99. You can also get 3 months free when purchasing the new Apple Watch Series 6, provided that The service will be available before the end of the current year.

It is noteworthy that Apple announced today the sixth generation of its smart watch and a miniature version called SE, and also announced the new service Apple One that brings together its most important services.

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