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Tuesday September 15, 2020

Apple conference: Announcing the sixth generation of the Apple Watch and a mini SE version

Apple revealed a short while ago in its virtual conference about the sixth generation of its smart watch with a miniature SE version, to start the Apple Watch a different phase.

The company started the conference by talking about the advantages offered by its smart watches with advantages such as controlling the smart home, playing audio clips, monitoring health status, and other advantages, in addition to shedding light on a number of users’ stories that the watch helped in their lives, especially at the health level.

The sixth-generation Apple Watch comes with a more elegant design and additional sensors to provide more benefits to follow the health status, the new features advance the blood oxygen measurement sensor with a speed of only 15 seconds to get the correct ratio through the infrared sensor and developed algorithms to give the correct ratio.

The new smartwatch delivers significant capabilities thanks to the dual-core A13 Bionic processing chip designed to give the watch the best possible performance.

Apple’s design features a traditional Hermés leather strap and a variant of a first-time design.

It also revealed watches with straps in the form of a full bracelet called “Solo Loop” and in two different designs in rubber and cloth.

Watch SE

Besides the announcement of the sixth generation of its smart watch, the company announced a miniature version at a lower price under the name SE as we saw with the iPhone phones, as it will carry most of the previous features in the fifth generation of the Apple Watch with a design similar to the current generation, especially with the new rubber straps in the form of a bracelet.

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Prices for the sixth generation Apple Watch and the SE version

The sixth-generation watch will come at $ 399, while the SE version will come at $ 279.



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