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Monday April 6, 2020

Apple begins to produce face masks and distributes 20 million items for free

Apple plans to start producing a new product that has nothing to do with the technology from near or far, this time it will produce protective face caps for distribution to health workers to protect them from infection from the Corona virus.

According to Tim Cook, CEO of the company, Apple has finished designing the product and has already started manufacturing it. Apple plans to produce more than a million face shields a week, and distribution will be the priority of the United States and then will gradually spread around the world.

And Apple will donate about 20 million protective covers, free of charge, to several countries around the world. The face cover of Apple is easy to install, as it can be placed on the face in less than two minutes, and Apple will use manufacturing materials from the United States and China.

The trend of Apple to produce health-related products is not surprising, as it was preceded by several other companies, especially those working in the automotive sector and began manufacturing artificial respirators.

Many entities around the world are mobilizing all their capabilities to help tackle the Corona virus. In Britain, more than 1,400 people have pledged to use their 3D printers to use them to make face masks for the National Health Service in Britain.

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