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Saturday July 25, 2020

Apple begins manufacturing iPhone 11 phones in India to cut its price

Foxconn, which is responsible for assembling and manufacturing various Apple devices, started manufacturing the iPhone 11 at its factory in India, in an effort to reduce its price and get rid of the heavy dependence on manufacturing in China.

The first batch of iPhones 11 manufactured at the Indian Chennai plant are now available for purchase in the country.

The move comes after Apple last year manufactured the iPhone XR in India as well. Before that, it manufactured iPhone 6s, 7 and the first generation iPhone SE in India through the Wistron plant.

Apple is seeking to lower the price of its phones in countries where most of its residents have relatively weak budgets. As such, it saves itself from paying 20% ​​import tax from China, which allows it to reduce its price and increase its competitiveness.

The iPhone 11 had received attention and welcome from consumers in India, and now Apple will provide more quantities of it in it and at a relatively lower price than its initial launch.

Foxconn plans to invest an additional $ 1 billion in various factories in India, to increase production capacity from various phones and devices, and to shift more towards manufacturing decentralization, which relies mainly on China.

It is noteworthy that several other technology companies that manufacture smart phones have manufacturing contracts in India such as Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, Vivo and Oppo, all of these companies compete for the second largest smartphone market in the world.



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