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Thursday April 2, 2020

Apple allows some video broadcast services to sell directly to users without commission

As you know anything you want to buy within iOS applications, you pay 30% commission that goes to Apple and you can only pay and buy through the app store. But now Apple has begun allowing some video broadcast services to sell directly to users without charging a commission.

Currently, there are three services supported by Apple, through which films can be downloaded and rented, as well as serials and paid directly through the service without Apple’s commission. These services are best known for Amazon Prime Video, in addition to Altice One and Canal +

Apple confirmed that this program is designed for high-level video transmission services providers so that they can use their payment methods outside the Apple App Store.

All that Apple requires of these companies to support their applications Apple services and applications, such as support for Siri voice assistant, comprehensive research and transfer via AirPlay 2.

Note that Apple allowed only to purchase individual content, not purchase subscriptions, meaning you cannot purchase the subscription without the Apple commission, meaning nothing has changed in this respect.

This is the first time that Apple has allowed companies to sell directly to customers without interfering and charging commissions or regulating matters in financial and security terms.

As long as companies that sell subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify direct criticism to Apple for the commission they charge from each subscription, which makes their prices more expensive compared to the subscription on Android, which does not force users to purchase through the Google Play Store.

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