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Sunday August 2, 2020

Apple acquires company that allows acceptance of payments via iPhone without an external reader

Apple acquired a startup that used to use NFC chips to complete electronic payment by placing my iPhone phone in front of each other or a credit card with a phone to pay directly without the need for any external piece.

Canadian company Mobeewave has a revolutionary technology in the field of electronic payment via smart phones and NFC chip. And with this chip in Apple phones since iPhone 6, it will now be possible to accept payments by touching the phone with any other phone without the need for an external reader. With this, iPhone turns into an electronic payment gateway that can be used in both directions easily.

The Apple Pay service allows iPhone users to pay from their phones by branding them or bringing them closer to the payment device in stores, but if you wanted to accept the payments then you previously needed an external reader that is connected to the iPhone port and passes the credit cards.

According to Bloomberg, the deal cost Apple up to $ 100 million and involves maintaining the team.

It is worth noting that Mobeewave cooperated with Samsung last year on a POS pilot program, and that the Samsung investment arm has a stake in the company.

There is no information yet about when we can see the practical use of this technology, but it will definitely make it easier for iPhone users to accept payments and not just pay with their phones, and this will reflect positively on Apple Pay and increase the volume and spread of operations in it.

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