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Sunday October 25, 2020

Apex Legends launch for Nintendo Switch postponed until next year

Electronic Arts has announced that the launch of Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch has been postponed until next year 2021.

Electronic Arts is preparing to launch the Apex Legends fighting game on Steam in the coming weeks, as this decision comes after the company announced the postponement of the game’s launch on the Nintendo Switch.

The Apex Legends combat game is already available on PlayStation and Xbox, and the game is also available for computers, as the game is available for free download, but the date for the game’s release on Nintendo Switch has been postponed until 2021.

Apex Legends is one of the fighting games that are very popular on gaming devices, but it is characterized by more intense events compared to Fortnite. Electronic Arts is also keen to release updates regularly to the game Apex Legends, but it is absent from mobile devices compared to the Fortnite game that is available on Lots of mobile devices now.

It is noteworthy that Electronic Arts did not provide an accurate date for the release of the Apex Legends game next year on the Nintendo Switch, but the team confirmed that the Nintendo Switch version will come with the main features that the game is famous for so far.


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