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Thursday December 31, 2020

Aoun calls for confronting challenges with will, determination and determination

The world – Lebanon

The President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, called on Lebanon to “face the challenges that Lebanon welcomes in the New Year, with will, determination and determination, because by this, appropriate climates can be created to overcome these challenges, especially an epidemic.” Corona, which requires all of us to be aware of dealing with it realistically and adhering to all measures that limit its spread, stressing that we should work to carry out the new year to address the difficult economic conditions that Lebanon is going through, especially after the bombing crime in Beirut Port, considering that such The treatment requires an effective government, and it is hoped that its formation will not be delayed any longer than what has happened so far.

Aoun received Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad at Baabda Palace, and discussed with her the media reality in the country. After the meeting, she confirmed that the topics of the Ministry of Information and its current role were discussed in light of the media crises and plans set, and there were a number of wishes and recommendations with the hope of advancing and starting the new year under an effective government capable of managing matters, especially emergency ones, in order to create Solutions ASAP.

Aoun, head of the “Solidarity” party, received former MP Emile Rahma and held a horizon tour with him that dealt with the current situation. Rahma stressed that “the current circumstances require solidarity and cooperation as there is no point in the disputes, especially with regard to the formation of the new government that is supposed to be able to meet the challenges that Lebanon is going through. This means that it is a government with fair and balanced representation between All the Lebanese components, including personalities known for their experience, competence and familiarity with national affairs, in order to be able to achieve a qualitative leap in the work of the executive authority imposed by the accuracy of the stage.

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