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Tuesday November 24, 2020

Aoun asks the parliament to cooperate with the executive authority


President Michel Aoun sent a letter to the House of Representatives demanding that it be discussed, stressing that “cooperation must be made with the procedural authority to enable the state to conduct a forensic accounting audit in the accounts of Banque du Liban, and the audit is withdrawn to all public facilities of the state in order to achieve the desired reform And the aid programs that Lebanon needs now. “

He stressed that “the forensic accounting audit is necessary so that Lebanon does not become one of the rogue or failed countries in the eyes of the international community, and the continued refraining from handing over documents to the audit company led to its inability to start its mission … then terminated the contract,” considering that “what happened was a setback. Dangerous to the logic of the state and the interests of the Lebanese people. Forensic auditing has become a prerequisite for the state’s negotiation with the International Monetary Fund, and the loss of confidence in the state, its authorities and its institutions will not be confined to the interior, but rather become a necessity for the international community.

He stressed that “reform is an integral whole and synonymous with political and security stability, and I will not be satisfied with succumbing to any pressure to abandon it or reduce its requirements.”

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